Craig Cooper

Nigel is an expert in online ‘findability’. He understands how to apply the power of social and online media to the benefit of your business. He gets to know your business around which he develops a comprehensive marketing strategy that drives results. If you are new to online marketing or are looking to take it to the next level, I highly recommend meeting with Nigel.



John Stewart - Inquo

John Stewart – Inquo

Nigel is such a force when it comes to social media marketing, SEO and all things web. He is a dynamic speaker and teacher, and he really knows how to increase the online presence of businesses. He offers much of his wisdom up to anyone who will listen. You should definitely listen!



Matthew Bullock

Matthew Bullock

Nigel recently spoke to the SmartStart student group at the University of Utah about social networking and careers. He engaged the students with comments and ideas of great substance. Those in attendance from the business community — like myself — were writing down “aha! ideas” as frequently as the students. I might also add that Nigel volunteered to do the presentation a day before the event as the other speaker had to cancel last-minute. It would have been a disappointing cancellation for the students; instead, it was an overwhelming success.

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